Ancient alchemists were evolved thinkers, combining efforts to transform matter to another form - all the while having an internal goal of transforming the heart and soul of mankind into another form.

Although ancient alchemy symbols were born out of this necessity, the foundation of alchemical practice is based on inner transformation and the achievement of that. As a means for this transmutation, the alchemist utilized the changing properties of matter in addition to the philosophical meanings of the symbols themselves. 

Alchemy symbols provide us with understanding and clarity of thought when focused upon. When the mind focuses on symbols, answers inevitably come. 

The world of alchemy signs is rife with deeper (hidden) meanings. Many are used to define elements as well as conditions of the spirit. 

With the act of turning base metals to gold which symbolizes mans ascension and achievement of enlightenment, all things, no matter how common, hold deeper spiritual symbolic meaning to the alchemist in all of us.

With this notion in mind, our journey began as modern day alchemists inspired by the eight point star, the alchemical symbol for Creation, to craft elements into works of art. 

The Star of Creation